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Glenn Beck Calling For A U.S. War in Syria and Another War in Iraq? | Ben Swann Full Disclosure

"For example, The U.S. creates destabilization in a country like Iraq. Over the course of years local and regional al Qaeda forces step in to develop and train fighters. As the U.S. suffers financial and operational fatigue, al Qaeda grows and eventually the U.S. pulls out. Meanwhile, the U.S. because it wants to see the overthrow of Assad deploys the”enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy and funds al Qaeda fighters in Syria. Over the course of years we create destabilization and attempt to force a regime change. In doing so, we hand Syria over the al Qaeda. Finally, once al Qaeda is fully in control of Iraq and Syria, we re-engage in our perpetual war on terror. All the time, sacrificing trillions in U.S. tax dollars and more importantly sacrificing the lives of thousands of America’s sons and daughters."

This is what a REPUBLICAN sounds like

Published on Jun 12, 2013
Rep. Adam Kwasman reminds Obamacare-loving Governor Brewer how the legislative process works after she calls for a special session to pass Medicaid expansion.

Frustrated by delays, Brewer calls special session on budget, Medicaid

Balance of Power?

Read more: azcapitoltimes.com/news/2013/06/11/az-gov-jan-brew…MCUGo

DHS-Funded Exercise Portrays “Free America Citizens” as Terrorist Cell

The basic plot was this: Half a dozen members of Free America Citizens wanted to gauge police response to a bomb scare. They would plant hoax devices, then stay on the scene to watch and record the bomb squad and detectives as they responded, as a dry run to a larger attack.

Google to DOJ Let Us Publish the Number of FISA Requests You Make

Google’s top lawyer is asking Washington to let the company expand its transparency report to include secret court orders like the kind involved in the NSA surveillance scandal. www.nationaljournal.com/tech/google-to-doj-let-us-…30611

AZ House Appropriations Committee just voted and failed to pass the Medicaid Expansion aka Brewercare

Your phone calls and hard work paid off!
Well done LD26!

Record 23,116,441 households on food stamps

Does the 15,000 Dow trickle down to the rest of us?